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Luxury Car Service in Kentucky

Nestled between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River, Kentucky is a hidden gem in the southeastern region of the states. Renowned for its rolling hills and horse farms, it also features forest areas covering half of the territory. Its natural resources lend to its ability to be a robust tourist destination and hub for industries.

While its towns are smaller than other major cities in the nation, they are vibrant destinations and home so several large businesses. And with a strong main-street revitalization program in the state, towns like Lexington, Louisville and Bowling Green have a lot to offer visitors.

If you’re into the history of the nation, you might want a side-trip to Fort Knox, where the country’s store of gold resides. Famous for its bourbon, which has been produced in the region for over 200 years, those preferring “liquid gold” can tour the many distilleries to learn about the spirit’s history and sample its unique flavors first-hand.

The state’s most famous event, the Kentucky Derby, makes Louisville an exciting place to be at the end of April into the first weekend of May. The city hosts a 2-week festival culminating with the nationally televised race. Baseball fans can get in a taste of sports history while there, at the Louisville Slugger Museum too.

Make the most of your visit, and enjoy the scenery without the hassles of navigating the state’s winding roads or mountainous terrain. Using a town car or limo service provides you with stress-free transportation and a local expert on the best places to go. Whether you’re here on business or for a special event, trust our team of professional, nationally certified drivers to get you safely and reliably to your next destination.