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End-of-Year Event & Party Planning Checklist

| December 15, 2022

Whether you’re organizing the annual company party or a team-building retreat, there are many factors to consider before you plan your next corporate event.

As you might already know, many details are involved in throwing a successful party—from choosing a suitable date that works for the entire team to finding the best food vendor and securing your spot at the perfect venue. 

It can all feel overwhelming if you’re the one planning the actual event. And since most companies now host annual parties “after” the holidays, you’re probably already busy with other essential year-end tasks.

Party Planning Checklist

Planning an employee party differs from planning a corporate event with VIP guests. You don’t typically need to worry about air travel or hotel accommodations—unless you’re bringing in corporate leaders from other destinations. However, the pressure can be just as intimidating, especially as end-of-year events are usually a way to thank employees for all their hard work. 

Therefore you want it to be perfect! So check out this list to help you plan your company’s next big bash!

Know Your Budget

Before you select the date, make sure you know the budget upfront. This information will help you determine what kind of catering options you’ll need and how much money you should spend on decorations, entertainment, and other luxuries.

Work with your finance team to get the correct number and start deciding how much you’ll reserve for entertainment, food, decorations, etc.

Select a Date

Once you’ve determined your budget, you’ll need to select a date. This part gets tricky, even after the holidays. You’ll want to decide whether to host the event on a weekday or during the weekend. 

Want some advice? It’s better to allow employees to end the workday early and go to the party versus having them attend a work function during their free time (i.e., Saturday). Corporate events during the week also ensure that more employees will attend since they’re already out and about. 

Choose Where to Host the Event

From here, you’ll need to decide whether you want to host the event at the office or a private venue. If you choose to hold the event at your office, make sure you have enough space available, especially if you want to include music, drinks, games, and other types of entertainment. 

Start looking now if you choose to host the event at a nearby venue! As mentioned, most businesses push their corporate end-of-year events into the New Year to allow families to focus on the holidays. So remember that you’ll be one of many trying to find a private space. 

The good news is that there are many unique places to host a corporate event, including museums, aquariums, breweries, wineries, botanic gardens, farm and barn venues, sports stadiums, university buildings, and historic homes—to name a few! Therefore, try to get more creative with your venue destinations. Just be sure the space will be large enough to host your team and allow you to include the type of add-ons you want.

Decide on Plus Ones Now

When you plan a corporate function for employees, most people will ask, “can I bring a significant other?” If your budget permits it, allowing employees to bring a guest is best practice. Again, this is an opportunity to thank teams for their contributions throughout the year. Therefore, an excellent way to do so is to allow them to celebrate this special occasion with a loved one. 

Consider Corporate Transportation Services

If you decide to host your end-of-year event at a nearby (or distant) venue, remember that this requires employees to drive or carpool. It also means they’ll need to navigate weather conditions and parking before they can finally enjoy all the hard work and planning you did.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a reliable way to transport your team from one location to another safely—all while ensuring a fun, comfortable, and first-class experience, consider hiring a professional transportation company like Executive Transportation

We offer a private fleet of luxury vehicles that can comfortably seat up to 50 guests. In addition, we can transport your team from the office to the venue location to ensure everyone arrives on time and together. The best part is that no one needs to worry about parking or catching a ride with a colleague. Everyone will arrive safely and be surrounded by first-class amenities to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Contact us for corporate transportation options and a free quote. Our coordinators will work closely with you to help plan the event and ensure our certified team of private chauffeurs arrives on time at your location so you can relax and look forward to the night ahead. After all, you deserve a night out too.

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